Shenzhen Tianxingyun Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Group Profile

Founded in 2015, Xingyun Group is a global Internet e-commerce leader and offers a comprehensive services system for global commodities. To assist with the circulation of global commodities, the Group offers an array of integrated services such as overseas services, brand services, channel services and cross-border logistics services. Our headquarter is located in Shenzhen and we have more than 3,000 employees worldwide. Our subsidiaries spans across the Greater China Region as well as 72 countries around the world including countries such as Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Australia and more.
  • 3000+

    Overseas Brands

  • 350000+

    Online And Offline Retailers

  • 150000+


  • 23Billion

    2020 GMV

Group Business

Advantage Service

One-stop Services

Provide the best quality and one-stop solutions for cross-border trade.

Overseas Branding

Establish cooperation with many overseas brands to help them achieve both brand value, promotion and sales.

Channels and Coverages

Covering all online and offline channels and establishing cooperation with all partners.

Global Logistics

Offering cross-border logistics for the global industry chain and allowing businesses to connect,


Our client


Learn about the latest developments in the industry and make cross-border business easier