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Better Understanding of Consumer Demands

The reason why cross-border e-commerce can occupy the market so quickly and make consumers pay attention to the products is actually because of the demand. The demand of cross-border e-commerce lies in the fact that China's existing products and supply chain system can no longer meet consumers' consumption desire.

Someone said that the rise of cross-border e-commerce begin with "the better understanding of consumer demands" and "the better understanding of the supply of global commodity market".

When there was no cross-border e-commerce, the legal import of goods was general trade, and the goods entered the large circulation field in China through customs declaration. The general trade declaration process is complicated, so the channel for brands to enter China is relatively slow.

Cross-border e-commerce can provide high-speed and convenient access to China for many overseas brands. Mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

First, the goods of cross-border e-commerce are defined as personal goods supervision. The goods purchased by consumers do not need the complicated procedures for the entry of goods (general trade), which is convenient.

Second, it can simplify large-scale trade into one-piece small-scale trade, which is suitable for e-commerce's small-sum, high-frequency, diversified and multi-channel trading logic.

China has a unique Internet economy, ranking first in terms of both the number of online shoppers and total online retail sales. According to eMarketer, the Asia-Pacific market accounts for the largest and fastest growing share of global online retail, and China is the major online retail market and core driver of the region and the world.

As the world's largest online retail market, it is estimated that by 2025, the overall scale of the online retail market will exceed 18 trillion yuan, and the proportion in the total retail sales of consumer goods will continue to rise and exceed 25%.

The huge volume of online retail and its continuous rapid growth have increasingly prominent impacts on China's cross-border e-commerce market. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, there is a demand for the coordination capability of cross-border supply chain.