Shenzhen Tianxingyun Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

LinkieBuy, a One-stop Cross-border E-commerce Service Platform Based on SaaS and Oriented to the Global Market

LinkieBuy, the subordinate businesses of Xingyun, has been upgraded and positioned as a one-stop cross-border e-commerce service platform based on SaaS and oriented to the global market. It helps overseas brands complete the digital transformation of cross-border e-commerce in China by providing full-course cross-border e-commerce services including SaaS + logistics, warehousing, supplychain services + eCommerce TP service.

At present, LinkieBuy has helped a large number of well-known merchants such as Tsuruha Drug and Isetan Mitsukoshi to successfully carry out digital transformation and launch cross-border online direct mail business to China, greatly enhancing their popularity in the Chinese market and greatly alleviating the operating pressure of overseas offline retail stores under the epidemic situation.