Shenzhen Tianxingyun Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

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Global Commodities

Global Import Sources, One-stop Distribution Without Concern

XingYun Global Cross-border Goods Trading Service Platform

"Big Middle-end + Small Frond-end"


Relying on overseas brands and suppliers, Xingyun Global sourcing for customers to provide certified overseas goods, and according to the order requirements directly delivered them to consumers and other services. Xingyun Global will complete the entire back-end supply chain for cooperation channels, including procurement, logistics from overseas to domestic, packaging and sorting of warehousing, customs declaration, return and other services.



LinkieBuy is an integrated service provider based on SaaS, and it helps merchants and retailers crack the Chinese market through SaaS TP, solutions for overseas warehousing and logistics, and domestic distribution channels.


LINKIESTOCK is an innovative platform which provides a one-stop solution to brands on private domain, which focuses on social and content platforms,

integrates multi-channel e-commerce with technology, offers commericalizaiton services to  KOL/KOCs.


High Commission


Multi-category Cross-border Supply


One-package Delivery


One-click Access to Multiple Platforms

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