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Changes in Consumer Habits and Demands after COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the course of People's daily life and fostered many new consumption habits, which has a far-reaching impact on the consumer industry. The epidemic has fostered many new consumption habits and brought new opportunities to traditional consumer industries. New channels and services such as contactless shopping, live-streaming and group-buying in communities are constantly emerging. Online and offline integration has been further accelerated, and the consumer market is changing.


1 Rise of Online Consumption, Online Services + Online Products


With the improvement of broadband infrastructure and the arrival of 5G, online entertainment, online education, online medical treatment, short video broadcast and other online consumption acceptance is increasingly high, and the "cloud" mode has been favored by consumers. The interaction demand and a large amount of fragmented time during the epidemic made TV, game, short video and live broadcast industries the most profitable, and users' habits were greatly cultivated.

2 Healthy Consumption is Highly Valued: Healthy Products + Healthy Lifestyle


The outbreak of the epidemic has brought unprecedented public health education, and it is expected that the public will continue to increase health consumption expenditure. In terms of products, consumers' demand for health, quality, sterilization and other aspects has been greatly increased. In terms of lifestyle, consumers attach more importance to immunity, sports and enjoyment.

According to the data, the market size of Health Care Products in China in 2019 is 222.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 18.5%, and is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2020.

3 Convenient Consumption and Contactless Consumption Continue to be Popular


More and more consumers stay at home and choose convenient and quick, simple and direct consumption. During the epidemic, tens of millions of enterprises and nearly 200 million people in China started working at home, which cultivating consumers' habits.